Getting your prescription classes cheap online

The eye exam for prescription glasses or ophthalmological examination is done to evaluate the visual capacity and, although it can be done at home, it should always be done by an ophthalmologist, since only he can make a correct diagnosis and evaluate the health of the eyes before giving prescription glasses. There are several types of eye exams, however, the most common is the examination to assess the ability to see from near and far and should be done at least once a year from the age of 40, even if you already wear glasses. Because the degree of the glasses may have changed, needing to be increased or decreased depending on the case It is recommended to do this type of exam whenever there are symptoms of difficulty seeing, such as frequent headache or red eyes, for example. See a more complete list of symptoms that may indicate vision problems. click here for further details.

How to take the home sight exam

  • To take the eye examination at home, just follow the following instructions:
  • Stand at the distance from the monitor indicated in the table below;
  • Look at the picture and tape the left eye with your left hand, without pressing. If you wear glasses or lenses, do not take them out for testing;
  • Try to read the letters of the image from top to bottom;
  • Repeat the process for the right eye.
  • The recommended monitor distance for this test is:
  • Monitor Type: Distance: for more details, visit : your prescription classes cheap online

14-inch monitor 5.5 meters

15-inch monitor 6 meters

If you can read to the last line with both eyes the visual capacity is 100%, but if you cannot read to the last line with both eyes, it may be necessary to correct the vision with cheap glasses. For this, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist to confirm the degree of vision and make the necessary correction through the use of the best cheap glasses.

What is the price of the professional exam?

The price of eye examination can vary from 80 to 300 dollars depending on the type of eye exam indicated by the doctor and the office where it is done.

  • Snellen test: also known as acuity, refraction, or degree measurement, is the most common vision test, and serves to evaluate how much the person sees, having to observe the letters of a scale, evaluating the presence of myopia , Hyper-metropia and astigmatism;
  • Ishihara test: this test evaluates the perception of colors and is used to diagnose color blindness, and try to identify which number you can see in the center of the image, surrounded by colors;
  • OCT View Test: Optical coherence tomography is an examination done on a machine and is used in the diagnosis of corneal, retinal, vitreous and optic nerve diseases.

These tests are important to evaluate the need to use prescription glasses, contact lenses or, in more serious cases, to have surgery to recover the sight. It is important to look for the best doctors and get your eyeglasses online.

Some Common Questions About Buying Eyeglasses Online

There is a saying that if you do not know how to buy eyeglasses online, you are out of date. Though it cannot be told whether such saying is true or not, buying eyeglasses online is now becoming popular all the more. However, some of you still have doubts about such way of buying glasses. In order to ensure that more of you have a better understanding of buying eyeglasses online, some common asked questions about it will be presented. After reading them, you may have a full knowledge of this channel. click here to find more about eyeglasses.

Question No.1: How to avoid any possible cheating in buying eyeglasses online?

Buying eyeglasses online is a kind of fictitious channel and you may have some doubts about the legality of the online vendors. Everyone is cautious about this channel and no one wants to be defrauded. Therefore, identifying the legality of the vendors is essential and crucial. Then, how to find out those legal ones from countless online vendors? The safest way is to buy eyeglasses from the homepage of some famous companies. This method is practical, for the reputation and quality of those companies are absolutely guaranteed. Another method is to see whether the online vendor ask for eye prescriptions. The law has it that all eyeglasses vendors must sell their products according to the buyers’ prescriptions. Therefore, selling eyeglasses without asking for eye prescriptions is illegal. Other methods are also very useful, such as to see whether the prices of those products are too low.If so, give up and visit another website. Others’ opinions on the online vendors, etc. are also very important.

Question No.2: How to pay for the eyeglasses?

You may choose to pay those products by credit cards. This is very popular, and most of those who buy eyeglasses online love this method, for its convenience and safety. Of course, some online vendors allow you to pay the eyeglasses when you receive them.

Question No.3: How long will it take to receive those eyeglasses?

Generally, you can receive your eyeglasses within one week, except if you live abroad. Online vendors will send the goods after you have ordered. to find more , click on :

Some Common Questions About Buying Eyeglasses Online

Questions No. 4: Are the after-sales services guaranteed?

The after-sales service of buying eyeglasses online is well safeguarded. And you need not to worry about such matters. For example, if you think there is any discrepancy between what you received and what you have required, you may ask for return. Almost all legal online vendors will abide by the returns policy by which you can exercise this right within limited period.

Furthermore, there are some online eye care clubs for you if you have bought eyeglasses online. In those clubs are many buyers of those eyeglasses. Some tips on how to maintain eyeglasses are provided in the club, so as to make sure all buyers of online eyeglasses know how to take care of their glasses. In addition, some knowledge about how to maintain eye health will be listed in some particular columns. And all buyers can share their experiences and feedback with each other.

The above four questions can help you know the pros and cons of buying eyeglasses online. Now that you have known the facts of this channel, you may have a try, and it is really very nice and wonderful.

Is It Wise to Shop for Eyeglasses Online?

Given the high cost of modern eyeglasses, one should make it a point to find out more about why it is wise to shop for eyeglasses online. Before shopping for eyeglasses online one needs to pause to carefully consider a few things. No doubt, it is possible to buy cheap eyeglasses online but, even so, one should check whether there are real advantages to shopping online. It is important to check how legitimate is the site offering such products because there are so many scam sites that looks similar to those legitimate companies offering product discounts. Check with us below! click here for related information.

Good service at boutique shops

When you shop at a boutique that sells eyeglasses you are going to be served by an experienced optician. In addition, the boutique staff will be able to help you make tough decisions and can ensure that you purchase the right pair of glasses. Most importantly, at the boutique you can try out the glasses and see whether the pair fits you or not.

Wider selection

However, there are several good reasons to purchase your eyeglasses online. For one, you will get to choose from a far wider selection of eyeglasses than at the optician’s boutique. In addition, since the quality of the eyeglasses is the same you can also get what you want at much lower prices. With luck, you can even pick up a good pair of eyeglasses at an online store for under ten dollars.

Know your PD

To shop online for your eyeglasses, you need to know your PD or pupillary distance which is the distance between your pupils. You also need to have your prescription which if it is not available can be obtained by requesting your eye doctor to fax or mail it to you.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to shop online for eyeglasses is the fact that you can get what you want for less than fifty dollars. In fact, a pair of eyeglasses that retails for about $327 can be bought online for as little as $83.22. for further details, click on :

Is It Wise to Shop for Eyeglasses Online

Even though you cannot try on the eyeglasses when shopping for them online you should not worry because you can do a few things to overcome this issue. You can compare the numbers on the glasses you want to buy online with one at a regular store. Also, online sites will provide you with tips on how to make the right choice. You can use these tips to help you pick a suitable pair. Some sites even have virtual dressing rooms where you get to upload your picture and then you can try on the frames till you find one that is suitable.

All in all, it certainly is wise to shop online for your eyeglasses as you will get greater choice and lower prices. In addition, the experience is more pleasing and you will not be forced into buying something which can happen when a pushy salesman convinces you to buy something you really did not need.

How to Choose Rimless Eyeglasses Online?

If you decide to wear rimless eyeglasses then you will do well to spare a moment to find out more about what it takes to choose rimless eyeglasses and how to choose rimless glasses online. Modern eyeglasses serve different purposes and are used for more than improving a person’s vision. These items of eye wear are also used to make a style statement and they can also make you look more fashionable. There are different kinds of rimless eyeglasses that serve different needs and in addition these items of eye wear are also becoming increasingly more popular by the day. click here for more details.

Style factor and quality of lenses

If you are a modern person that wants to wear such eye wear items you will want to pay close attention to the style factor and the quality of the lenses. Rimless eyeglasses are more fragile and so must be chosen very carefully. When buying these items online it is important therefore that you check the seller for reliability and honesty, as well as quality of products being sold.

Obtain your prescription

You should start your search for such eye wear items online by first obtaining your prescription. After obtaining the prescription you can choose from a host of different styles of rimless eyeglasses. It is also important to be very careful about the lenses which should be very durable and strong. There are many lenses that tend to easily crack when exposed to daily usage. These should be avoided. Poly carbonate safety lenses are a good option as they offer good impact resistant properties. for more information, visit :

How to Choose Rimless Eyeglasses Online

Balanced prescription

One should also ensure that one’s prescription is balanced and if there is an imbalance in prescription then one should not choose rimless glasses. This is because the imbalance means that there will be discrepancy in the lens thickness and this makes the eye wear look ugly because rimless eyeglasses are structured in a special way. Also, when wearing such eye wear items one should also remember not to move the head too much as the eye wear items can easily fall off your face.

When buying such items of eye wear online it is also important to check that the seller is one that is offering good customer service. At the very least, you should check their reviews and you should also look at the feedback that has been left by their past customers. It pays to be very careful about whom you buy your rimless glasses online from. The nice thing about choosing rimless eyeglasses online is that most sellers have a vast selection of frames to choose from. As long as the online seller is reliable and trustworthy you will not have much difficulty in picking the perfect pair for your budget and for your needs.

There are so many companies that are emerging online optical store selling high quality eyeglasses, such as prescription eyeglasses (single vision myopic glasses, progressive, and bifocal eyeglasses, etc.), prescription sunglasses (with RX tinted lenses). They offer the guaranteed lowest possible price on the market. Their return and refund policy also makes any purchase risk-free.