Shopping Online for Eyeglasses? What to consider

There was a time when shopping meant getting out of your house and visiting a store to purchase the goods. The same way you can get your eyeglasses online as well. The internet has changed all that. You can now shop from the comforts of your home by visiting online stores. The best part is that practically every product and commodity can now be purchased over the internet.

Determine Whether Eyeglasses Look Good On You

Most of us feel uncomfortable about the idea of shopping for eyeglasses on the internet because we cannot try the glasses as we do when shopping in the traditional stores. People find it difficult to choose glasses unless they know how it looks on them.Online stores have solved this problem by making use of innovative and out of the box techniques. Some websites allow you to upload your photo to the website.

Once uploaded, the website will combine the eyeglasses selected by you and your photograph to show you how the glasses will look on your face. Looking into your face in the mirror and looking at your bespectacled photograph are two different experiences.Once this facility was offered, people preferred buying glasses on the web as they could see what others would see when they were wearing glasses.Other websites offer resources which help you determine the shape of your face. Once the shape is determined, the website will indicate the glasses which would suit your face. On the whole, shopping for eyeglasses on the web is an enjoyable experience. Check here.

What If You Want To Return The Glasses?

Online stores have very clear and rigid policies as far as the return of the purchased goods is concerned. Some allow refunds in the form of exchange while others have a different policy.Before making a purchase, get to know the return policy of the store. If you are unsatisfied with the product, return the same before the specified period. Do not proceed without being aware of the return policy.

Online Shopping Is Best Shopping

Some may point out that online stores do not offer the services of opticians who help you in determining the right pair of glasses for you. If you have a ready prescription and if you know what you want to buy, shopping online makes a lot of sense.You will save time, effort and money if you shop online. What is more, you can be assured of a good bargain every time you shop online. If you live in remote areas or if you are very busy, going shopping can be a stressful affair if it is not done online.

You can visit different online stores and compare the various glasses without any effort whatsoever. This cannot be done without a lot of time, effort and expenditure if you are shopping in the traditional method.Do not shy away from shopping online. Do give it a try and enjoy the fantastic advantages that the experience offers.


The idea of buying eyeglasses online may seem odd at first. However, purchasing eyeglasses on the internet is no different than purchasing any other product on the web. For more information visit:



Buying Eyeglasses Online: A Good Idea?

When it comes to buying eyeglasses online, there are many people that are wondering if this is a good idea. There are many people that can purchase cheaper eyeglasses online, but they are afraid to, because they don’t know if this is really a good idea. It can be a good idea if you know how to purchase it online. With this guide, you will see that it is easy to purchase glasses online and that it is, in fact, a good idea:

Make sure that you purchase the right size frame

The only thing that you need to make sure about, before you can purchase your glasses online, is that you need to know which frame is the right size for your face. Otherwise you are going to end up with a frame that is going to be uncomfortable and really not sitting right on your face.

This is why you should go to a normal store and make sure about the size that you need for your glasses. Then you can purchase it online, without worrying about ordering the right size.

The right prescription should be send as well

If you are planning to order prescription glasses online, you need to make sure that you are sending the prescription to the store that you are purchasing the glasses from. This is so that you can be sure that you are getting the right prescription.

They will normally email you back and make sure about the prescription, to verify it before they are sending the glasses to you. Without the right prescription, you will not be able to use the glasses correctly. See more

The type of online store where you are purchasing your eyeglasses

One mistake that many people are making when they are purchasing their glasses online is that they don’t make sure about the store where they are purchasing the glasses at. There are many stores where you can purchase your glasses, but only a few are selling high-quality glasses with the right prescription.

You need to make sure that you are reading reviews before you are using an online store. You need to make sure that you are going to get value for money, and that you are really going to get the prescription that you need to see correctly.

Is the price really cheaper than the walk-in store?

You are ordering the prescription glasses because it is cheaper online than in a walk-in store. However, you need to make sure that this is really the case, and that you are really going to purchase cheaper glasses. Otherwise you can just as well go to the store and purchase your glasses.

You can purchase your eyeglasses online, and have a high quality product. And, if you are going to purchase it online, you need to make sure about a couple of things. This is the only way that you can know that you are going to get the right prescription glasses that are high quality and at an affordable price.

See  more this blog post:

Do I Need an Eye Test for Prescription Glasses?

The eye exam or ophthalmological examination for prescription glasses is done to evaluate the visual capacity and assess the need for glasses. Although this examination can be carried out at home, it should always be done by an ophthalmologist, since only a professional can make a correct diagnosis and evaluate the health of the eyes before giving prescription glasses.

There are several types of eye exams, the most common tests are used to assess the ability to see from near and far. This test should be done at least once a year from the age of 40, even if you already wear glasses, as your prescription may need to be increased or decreased. It is recommended to take this exam whenever there are symptoms of difficulty seeing, such as frequent headaches or red eyes.

The price of an eye examination can vary from 80 to 300 dollars depending on the type of eye exam indicated by the doctor and the office where it is done.

Other tests which can be used to assess whether you need prescription glasses include:

Snellen Test

Also known as acuity, refraction, or degree measurement, a Snellen test is the most common vision test and serves to evaluate how much the person sees. You will be asked to observe the letters of a scale, which will be used to evaluate the presence of myopia, hyper-metropia and astigmatism.

Ishihara Test

The Ishihara test evaluates the perception of colors and is used to diagnose color blindness. You will be required to identify which number you can see in the center of an image surrounded by colors.

OCT View Test

Optical Coherence Tomography is an examination done on a machine and is used in the diagnosis of corneal, retinal, vitreous and optic nerve diseases.

Getting your prescription classes cheap online

These tests are important to evaluate the need to purchase prescription glasses, contact lenses or, in more serious cases, to have surgery to recover the sight. It is important to have an eye test by a professional ophthalmologist regularly to maintain eye health.

All You Need to Know About Buying Eyeglasses Online

Buying eyeglasses online is now becoming ever more popular. However, some of you still have doubts about buying glasses in this way. In order to ensure that you have a better understanding of buying eyeglasses online, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Question No.1: How do I avoid any scams when buying my glasses online?

You may have some doubts about the legality of online vendors and you don’t want to be the victim of fraud. Therefore, identifying the legality of vendors is crucial. But how do you differentiate the legal stores from fake online vendors? The safest method is to purchase from a well-known company, such as glasses2you. This method is practical, for the reputation and quality of those companies are absolutely guaranteed.

Another method is to see whether the online vendor asks for eye prescriptions. The law states that all eyeglasses vendors must sell their products according to the buyers’ prescriptions, thus selling eyeglasses without asking for eye prescriptions is illegal. You can also check whether the prices of products are too low. If so, visit another website. You can also read reviews of the online vendor to gain other’s opinions and gain insight into the legitimacy of the site.

Question No.2: How do I pay for the eyeglasses?

The most popular way to pay for your glasses is by credit card, as is the most convenient and safe method for online transactions. Of course, some online vendors allow you to pay for the eyeglasses once you receive them for peace of mind.

Question No.3: How long will it take to receive my eyeglasses?

Generally, you will receive your eyeglasses within one week, unless you live abroad. Online vendors will send the goods after you have ordered.

Some Common Questions About Buying Eyeglasses Online

Question No. 4: Are the after-sales services guaranteed?

The after-sales service of buying eyeglasses online is well safeguarded. If you think there is any discrepancy between what you received and what you have ordered, you may be entitled to return the product. Almost all legal online vendors will abide by the returns policy by which you can exercise this right within a limited period.

Furthermore, there are some online eye care clubs if you have bought eyeglasses online which will offer you advice on how to maintain your glasses. In addition, knowledge about how to maintain eye health will be listed online, and all buyers can share their experiences and feedback with each other.

These questions address some of the most asked questions and act as a useful starting point to purchasing your next pair of glasses online. For a more comprehensive look, read this guide to ordering eyeglasses online to learn more.

Should I Shop for My Glasses Online?

Given the high cost of modern eyeglasses, one should make it a point to find out more about whether to shop for eyeglasses online and pause to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages. For more information on buying glasses online, click here.

Good Service at Boutique Shops

When you shop at a boutique that sells eyeglasses you are going to be served by an experienced optician. In addition, the boutique staff will be able to help you make tough decisions and can ensure that you purchase the right pair of glasses. Most importantly, you can try on the glasses and see whether the pair fits you or not.

Wider Selection Online

However, there are several good reasons to purchase your eyeglasses online. For one, you will get to choose from a far wider selection of eyeglasses than at the optician’s boutique. In addition, since the quality of the eyeglasses is the same, you can also get what you want at much lower prices. With luck, you can even pick up a good pair of eyeglasses at an online store for under ten dollars.

Know your PD

To shop online for your eyeglasses, you need to know your PD or pupillary distance, which is the distance between your pupils. You also need to have your prescription which, if it is not available, can be obtained from your eye doctor.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to shop online for eyeglasses is that you can get the style you want for a lower cost. A pair of eyeglasses that retails for about $327 can be bought online for as little as $83.22.

Is It Wise to Shop for Eyeglasses Online

Even though you cannot try on the eyeglasses when shopping for them online, there are a few things to overcome this issue. You can compare the numbers on the glasses you want to buy online with one at a regular store. Also, online sites will provide you with support, tips and advice on how to make the right choice. Some sites even have a virtual fitting room where you can upload your picture and try on the frames online till you find one that is suitable.

All in all, it certainly is wise to shop online for your eyeglasses as you will get greater choice and lower prices and makes for a more stress-free way to find the right glasses for you.

How to Buy the Best Rimless Eyeglasses Online

If you decide to wear rimless eyeglasses then you will do well to spare a moment to find out more about how to choose the best glasses online. Rimless frames can not only improve your vision but make a style statement also.

Style Factor and Quality of Lenses

You will most likely want to pay close attention to the style factor and quality of your lenses. Rimless frames are fragile and so must be chosen very carefully. One of the best things about purchasing online is that most sellers have a vast selection of rimless glasses to choose from. It is important to research the seller for reliability, honesty, and the quality of products being sold.

Obtain your Prescription

You should start your search for rimless glasses online by first obtaining your prescription. Once you have your prescription, you can choose from a host of different styles. It is also important to ensure your lenses are durable and strong to prevent breakages and damages, as many lenses tend to easily crack when exposed to daily usage. Polycarbonate safety lenses are a good option as they offer good impact-resistant properties.

How to Choose Rimless Eyeglasses Online

Balanced Prescription

You should also ensure that your prescription is balanced. If there is an imbalance in your prescription, it advised that you should not choose rimless glasses. This is because the imbalance causes a discrepancy in the lens thickness, making the eyewear look clunky and unattractive.

Quality Service

When buying eyeglasses online it is important to check that the seller provides good customer service. At the very least, you should check their reviews and look at the feedback that has been left by their past customers. It pays to be very careful about whom you buy from. As long as the online seller is reliable and trustworthy you will not have much difficulty in picking the perfect pair for your budget and needs.