Do I Need an Eye Test for Prescription Glasses?

The eye exam or ophthalmological examination for prescription glasses is done to evaluate the visual capacity and assess the need for glasses. Although this examination can be carried out at home, it should always be done by an ophthalmologist, since only a professional can make a correct diagnosis and evaluate the health of the eyes before giving prescription glasses.

There are several types of eye exams, the most common tests are used to assess the ability to see from near and far. This test should be done at least once a year from the age of 40, even if you already wear glasses, as your prescription may need to be increased or decreased. It is recommended to take this exam whenever there are symptoms of difficulty seeing, such as frequent headaches or red eyes.

The price of an eye examination can vary from 80 to 300 dollars depending on the type of eye exam indicated by the doctor and the office where it is done.

Other tests which can be used to assess whether you need prescription glasses include:

Snellen Test

Also known as acuity, refraction, or degree measurement, a Snellen test is the most common vision test and serves to evaluate how much the person sees. You will be asked to observe the letters of a scale, which will be used to evaluate the presence of myopia, hyper-metropia and astigmatism.

Ishihara Test

The Ishihara test evaluates the perception of colors and is used to diagnose color blindness. You will be required to identify which number you can see in the center of an image surrounded by colors.

OCT View Test

Optical Coherence Tomography is an examination done on a machine and is used in the diagnosis of corneal, retinal, vitreous and optic nerve diseases.

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These tests are important to evaluate the need to purchase prescription glasses, contact lenses or, in more serious cases, to have surgery to recover the sight. It is important to have an eye test by a professional ophthalmologist regularly to maintain eye health.